Save time programming with AI accelerated CAM.

Toolpath CAM Accelerator automatically generates a machining strategy for your parts, using your tools and your preferences – all within Fusion 360.

Review it and run, or adjust it to your liking. You'll save time, reduce clicks, and make parts faster.

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Reduce Programming Time - Standardize Processes - Start Making Parts Faster

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Activate CAM Accelerator

From within Fusion 360, use the CAM Accelerator plugin.

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Toolpath instantly analyzes your part

Toolpath automatically generates a machining strategy.

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Review and edit in Fusion 360

Get a complete machining strategy in minutes.

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Make more parts, get more customers, and earn more profit.

We believe intelligent automation will enable innovative manufacturing leaders to grow their business, and together we can make manufacturing local again.

Let us show you the future of machining.

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