Price Match Policy

Updated December 14, 2023

Rapid CNC Prototyping Price Match Policy

Toolpath is highly motivated to have the opportunity to analyze, quote, and machine your parts. Constant improvement with a wide variety of parts is how we continuously enhance our software platform.

As such, we will beat pricing by 20% under the following conditions:

  • You receive an instant price from another manufacturer, and
  • You receive an instant price from Toolpath via, and
  • The manufacturer machines parts using their own personnel and equipment, and
  • The lead time from order to shipping is 5 days or less, and
  • The material, tolerances, and other key specifications are identical, and
  • The order quantity is five parts or fewer, and
  • Toolpath has the available capacity to process the order.

Toolpath reserves the right to amend or terminate this price match policy at any time, both in general and on a case-by-case basis.

How to Use

Email your STEP file, a link to your Toolpath quote, and a detailed screenshot of the competitive quote to

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