Rapid CNC prototyping in the USA.

Toolpath machines your custom parts from our shop in Bedford Heights, Ohio. Our automation software allows us to offer competitive pricing on quick-turn CNC machined parts.

Free DFM Analysis + Instant CNC Quote

Why Choose Toolpath for Low-Volume CNC Machining?

Toolpath has created a groundbreaking AI-powered platform for DFM analysis and CAM programming. This enables us to program and machine your part quickly, with high quality and competitive pricing.

Unlike digital CNC machining services and offshore manufacturers:

  • Quality Parts The model you send is the part you'll receive. Our DFM software ensures that your part can be machined without compromising the design of you part.
  • Machined In-House Your part will be machined by our staff in our shop. We do not outsource our parts or send them to the lowest bidder. We machine your parts in-house to ensure quality.
  • Made in the USA Your part will be made in Bedford Heights, OH, and supports the development of technologies that will further increase the competitiveness of American manufacturing.

Questions & Answers

What turnaround time do you offer?
Parts can be ready to ship as quickly as five days.

What quantities are available?
We're optimized for high-mix, low-volume on-demand machining. Quantities as low a single piece are welcome.

What size parts do you machine? 

We focus on small-to-midsize parts.
Minimum size: 0.5" x 0.5" x 0.125"
Maximum size: 16" x 12" x 6"

What CNC machines do you have?
We will machine your parts on our Brother Speedio S500X2 or Syil X7 in our Bedford Heights, Ohio machine shop.

What tolerances will you hold?
Standard tolerances are 0.005". Tolerances to 0.001" are available upon request, accompanied with a drawing.

What threading options are available?
Standard UNC/UNF threads and ISO metric screw threads are available for rapid prototyping.

What post-processing do you offer?

We partner with local specialists for post-processing options such as anodizing and heat treating. Parts without post-processing will receive the best pricing and lead times.

Is your shop ITAR registered?
While being located in the USA, we are not currently ITAR registered.