Introducing the Toolpath Platform
Increasing Human Productivity in CNC Machining with AI-Powered DFM, Estimating, & CAM Automation

Toolpath AI powers our machining acceleration platform. Our Part Comprehension Engine analyzes your parts for manufacturability, estimates cost, plans a complete machining strategy, and exports it to your CAM environment.

It's machining AI that shows you how it thinks.

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Screenshot of the Toolpath application

 Automate and streamline
Design for Manufacturing conversations

Automatically simulate CNC machining setups, tools, and strategies to provide recommendations to reduce part cost and improve manufacturability.

Analyze Parts Instantly - Locate Challenging Features - Share Manufacturability Feedback

Save time quoting and improve
accuracy with Intelligent Estimating

Toolpath Estimating automatically creates detailed machining plans and time estimates for 3-axis CNC machined parts using your Fusion tool library and cutting parameters.

Estimate Consistently - Estimate Quickly - Estimate Profitably

Fast-forward your programming with  CAM Accelerator for Autodesk Fusion

CAM Accelerator automatically generates a machining strategy using your tools and your parameters inside Autodesk Fusion.

Review and run, or adjust it until it's just the way you like it.
You'll save time, reduce clicks, and make parts faster.

Reduce Programming Time - Standardize Processes - Start Making Parts Faster

Let us show you the future of machining.

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